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The city of Obersulm...

With about 14.000 inhabitants Obersulm is the biggest village in the valley of the small river "Sulm". Obersulm was founded in 1972 by the association of the former independent communities of Affaltrach, Eichelberg, Eschenau, Weiler and Willsbach. In 1975 Sülzbach joined the community. Obersulm is situated in the natural parc called "Schwäbisch-Fränkischer Wald", near the lovely mountains of Löwenstein. Because of the beautiful county and the rich vineyards the region of Obersulm is also called "Tuscany of the Swabes". Many tourists like to visit the "Breitenauer See" and his excellent camping place.

In 1986/87 the community partnerships between Obersulm and Rohrendorf/Krems (Austria) and in 1987/88 those between Obersulm and Beaumont-le-Roger (France) were sealed by exchanging certificates. In 2006 the partnership with Hercegkút (Hungary) followed.

Despite of his beautiful county Obersulm is only a few kilometres away from the important traffic routes A 81 (Würzburg-Stuttgart) and A 6 (Nürnberg-Mannheim).

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